Legal Filmworks Unlimited was founded by John Connelly to expand on the film-based advocacy he began as a litigation partner in one of America's 100 largest law firms.

"Digital film can persuade or teach the audience anytime, anywhere, on demand, more than once. We do what most advocates cannot do on their own and what filmmakers could not do on their own. Combining those two skill sets in the same brain allows us to create a product that hits a higher level and does so more efficiently."

We create original films, or edit and enhance existing assets, for use in advocacy, marketing, instruction, and business.

Much or our work is confidential or proprietary to clients. Our non-private work can be viewed in the Screening Room. Elsewhere on the site you will find original explainer movies about our Advocacy, Marketing, Instruction, and Business films along with galleries describing examples in every category. 

But even the largest sample case, containing every frame of the 100+ films we've made to date, could not fully index the possibilities.  Each task of explanation and persuasion has its singular qualities. When the objective is important enough, a digital film piece can help attain it like nothing else. 

We're prepared to work with legal and nonlegal enterprises to develop, and then execute, a difference-making visual product.

NOTE:  While we assist lawyers and businesses and maintain confidentiality while doing so, neither Legal Filmworks Unlimited nor any affiliated person provides legal advice or otherwise forms an attorney-client relationship with any party.